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Acroname USB-C Hub for MDS

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Use the Acroname USB Hub for MDS to simultaneously restore up to 5 Macs at once. MDS manages the hub and sends a command to put each Mac into DFU mode and then will use the Apple Configurator command line tool to restore the Mac system.


  • 1 USBHub3c Pro Edition with PD-Logging license
  • 6 USB-C-C cables with 1-side single screw lock
  • 1 USB-C AC/DC 100W power adapter
  • 1 Year Warranty

USBHub3c Tech Specs

  • 8 USB-C® ports
  • 6 Individually-controllable dual-data dual-power USB 10Gbps ports (USB-C)
  • 1 Dedicated control port (can be controlled from any port)
  • 1 Dedicated power input port
  • Individually enable Hi-Speed (480Mbps) and SuperSpeed (5Gbps/10Gbps) data lines on each port
  • Turn any port on or off via software control without physical interaction
  • Flip USB-C connections via software without physical interaction
  • Control and monitor via USB: through the dedicated Control Port or the assigned upstream port
  • Assign host/upstream or device/downstream role to any port
  • Assign power source or sink role to any port
  • Support USB-PD modes up to 20V/5A on each port
  • Constant Current Limiting on each port
  • Supports USB-PD Fixed, Variable, Battery, and Standard Power Range (SPR) sink and source profiles
  • Ambient temperature range up to 50°C
  • ESD protected to ±15kV contact discharge (certified to IEC61000-4-2 Level 4)
  • DIN rail mountable (Acroname part C56-DINM-1 or C55-DINRA-1)
  • Fast Role Swap Support

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